Doctor Strange 2 Is Ruined By The 3 Biggest Marvel Movie Problems

Md Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
is out in theaters, and the movie could terminate up making over $1 billion at the domestic box office when all is said and done. That’due south an impressive feat for a sequel virtually one of the newest Avengers later on
Endgame. But
Doctor Strange ii
is besides very much a Wanda story, every bit yous learn right from the start.

That realization might unsettle some MCU fans, and they might think that
Multiverse of Madness
has a Wanda problem. And they are right; in that location is one big upshot with the Scarlet Witch that nosotros must address. Only it’s non what you call up. Before I explicate, I’ll remind y’all that
massive spoilers follow beneath. You can check out our spoiler-free review at this link.

I haven’t enjoyed a spoiler-gratuitous MCU title since
Avengers: Infinity State of war. That’south non merely because I watch everything in the universe but also because I’grand i of those fans who like the spoilers and speculation between releases.

That’s to say that
Multiverse of Madness
had no surprises left, given the massive marketing campaign and all the leaks that I’ve covered. However, that doesn’t make the movie any less enjoyable. No amount of plot spoilers and marketing clips can prepare you lot for the catamenia and feel of the picture.

Just I realized watching
Doctor Strange 2
that not all fans will get the aforementioned experience. We have diehard fans that avoid spoilers. And we accept coincidental viewers that practise not see all the MCU movies and TV shows — our handy MCU timeline should assist with that.

Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and her children in new Dr. Foreign 2 footage. Image source: Marvel Studios

Wanda is the villain of
Doc Strange 2

The film’south biggest shock is that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is the main
Doctor Foreign 2
villain. She’s ruthless, violent, and fix to kill anyone who stands in her way, no matter the cost. Wanda’s arc will cause some division among fans, especially if y’all oasis’t seen absolutely everything in the MCU that impacted Wanda’s evolution.

Only Wanda turning into a full-fledged villain only to somewhat redeem herself by the end of
Physician Strange 2
isn’t a problem. This is the natural evolution of the character. The real Wanda problem is that yous
to see
before going to
Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange 2
fills in the blanks to some extent. You can absolutely savour the movie and take that Wanda has descended into madness no matter how much you love Olsen’south graphic symbol. But if the final fourth dimension you lot saw her was at the end of
Endgame, in that conversation with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), then the transition to evil might exist more difficult to tum.

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It’ll feel similar the finale of
Game of Thrones, where Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) suddenly goes villain on everyone. That showed certainly lacked more exposition to evidence her descent into madness. But with Wanda, we have all that in

Wanda and her children in Doctor Strange 2 clip.
Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and her children in Md Foreign 2 clip. Paradigm source: Marvel Studios

is a must-spotter MCU consequence

The TV testify gives the states a closer await into Wanda’s inner workings. It details her multiple levels of trauma and grief that culminated with the loss of Vision (Paul Bettany) in
Infinity War. Earlier that, Wanda lost her parents and her brother.

Even in
WandaVision, Wanda has to accept the loss of an imaginary Vision and their imaginary kids. These are the same children nosotros see in
Dr. Strange 2. The kids that Wanda hears in the

If you don’t have that context, it’ll be more hard to accept that Wanda can be that ruthless. That she can impale people with such ease, including other Avengers or Illuminati. That she is willing to kidnap some other Wanda’south children and murder that variant from a different universe. And that she’s chasing after another kid through the multiverse to exercise it.

And information technology’southward Marvel’s fault for that. Wanda became a total villain immediately subsequently
WandaVision, making the prove a must-scout MCU installment. Only Curiosity hasn’t really underscored the show’due south importance for this
Multiverse of Madness
story. And the
Multiverse of Madness
trailers hid Wanda’s true nature in the movie.

MCU fans can’t seamlessly transition from
Doctor Strange ii
when information technology comes to this character. They need the Disney Plus show for that.

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Put differently, y’all can lookout man
Medico Strange ii
without seeing
Loki, which is the Idiot box show that explains why the multiverse is in disarray.

Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch
Elizabeth Olsen as the Cherry-red Witch in the terminal episode of WandaVision. Image source: Marvel Studios

Why it all makes sense

Let’s remember that nosotros’re non looking at Wanda’southward starting time time equally a villain. She started as an antagonist in
Age of Ultron, where she fought the Avengers with various degrees of success. Then, in
WandaVision, she kidnaps an entire town to serve every bit extras in her imaginary perfect world with Vision.
Doctor Strange 2
just delivers the massive third strike. It’southward shocking, but it’south not surprising.

Wanda might break your middle in
Medico Foreign 2, only that doesn’t mean you accept to requite up liking her. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) had a similar journey. Merely he went from villain to hero.

Then there’s Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) in
Civil War. Depending on whose side you accept, one is the villain. Simply you like them both and learn to take what they do. Interestingly enough, Wanda’s actions caused a rift between the two in that film. But at least that was a mistake on her part.

A better look at Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange 2 TV spot
A better wait at Captain Curiosity in Doctor Strange ii tickets preorder annunciation TV spot. Prototype source: Marvel Studios

Add to all that the Darkhold, and y’all end upward with this ferocious, overpowered Wanda. The dark magic volume took agree over her already-troubled heed, amplifying are inner demons while simultaneously giving her powers, different anything the Avengers had to face up.

That’s why, by the mode, the Illuminati lose so badly. They underestimate the witch from the outset. First, information technology’s Helm Marvel (Lashana Lynch) telling Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) that they’ll bargain with Wanda if she decides to attack. And so we have Mister Fantastic (John Krasinski) revealing to Wanda how Black Bolt (Anson Mount) tin kill her. The team that beat Thanos (Josh Brolin) on Titan never expected such opposition from Wanda.

Doctor Foreign is like Wanda, but non quite

At that place are parallels betwixt Wanda and Strange that are immediately clear, especially if you lot’ve watched their entire stories and then far. Strange lost a sibling like Wanda, but it wasn’t as brutal. He also lost the love of his life and discovered that he was doomed to echo information technology in every universe. Despite loving Christine in each 1 of them.

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And he lost his former life, although the parallel is non perfect. He went through a life-threatening accident that ruined his hands and career. Wanda witnessed her parents killed equally a child, and and then concluded up being experimented on.

Finally, Strange started using the Darkhold and dark magic. But he didn’t go down the rabbit hole every bit far as Wanda.

Ultimately, each of the 2 characters coped with their traumas differently. The multiverse shows that many other Foreign variants become villains in their realities similar Wanda does in the MCU.

Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer
Two Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) variants in a familiar setting. Image source: Marvel Studios

Can Wanda exist redeemed after
Doctor Strange 2?

With that in mind, can Wanda be redeemed later
Medico Foreign 2? First of all, we accept no thought if she’southward still alive. If she is, wiping her record clean might not be that unproblematic. She needs help, the kind of back up she has failed to receive since
Endgame. By the way, the action in
takes place in belatedly 2023, while
Doctor Strange 2
happens in tardily 2025.

Wanda has never answered for the
crimes, and she knows the bill comes due. Her talk with Strange early in the movie shows that she expected some sort of consequences. Only in
Multiverse of Madness, she went a lot further, killing dozens of sorcerers at Kamar-Taj. Add the Illuminati massacre, and it’ll be challenging to forgive Wanda.

Then again, maybe this Wanda is expressionless for practiced. Curiosity certainly has a rich multiverse to draw characters from, and we practice take a reasonable Wanda in World-838.

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Doctor Strange 2 Is Ruined By The 3 Biggest Marvel Movie Problems