Iphone 14 Would Be More Exciting With This One Upgrade

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It’south no secret that Apple will launch a new smartphone series, probably called the iPhone 14 series, in the fall of 2022. Nosotros’ve been getting leaks and rumors about the upcoming 2022 iPhone models for quite some time now, and if at that place are no delays in the supply chain, nosotros could be getting the new iPhone xiv serial equally soon as September 2022.

Thanks to the leaked information, we already take a pretty good idea about how Apple’south 2022 flagship smartphone is shaping upwards to be. The Pro models, specifically, are said to be getting some huge upgrades over the last generation. Features such as a 48MP primary camera, punch hole + pill-shaped cutout in the forepart, and fifty-fifty the new A16 Bionic chipset, are likely coming to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models only.

On the other paw, information technology looks similar Apple has some other plans for the two non-Pro iPhone xiv models this year. First of all, the company is expected to drop the mini model for a new vi.vii-inch Max model this year. The mini iPhone series has only not worked out for Apple tree, with the sales of both iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini quite underwhelming. It seems that the company has now decided to drib the 5.four-inch variant, and launch the upcoming new iPhone models in ii brandish configurations, half-dozen.1-inch and 6.7-inch, only.

iPhone xiv and 14 Max Specs Leak

But, autonomously from the new half dozen.7-inch model, not many upgrades are expected in the baseline iPhone 14 models. A few reports take suggested that the baseline iPhone 14 models will be restricted to the concluding-gen A15 Bionic fleck, and only the Pro models will be getting the new 4nm node process-based A16 chip. In addition, the baseline models are expected to stick with the 12MP camera sensor and the same sometime design with a notch up front.

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If this is the example, the iPhone 14 and xiv Max could show to exist a difficult sell for Apple, especially if the models aren’t radically different from its predecessor. With Pro models coming with upgrades in almost all of the areas (display, chip, camera) and generally costing only a few $100 more than the non-Pro models, it could become manner more important for Apple tree to differentiate the iPhone xiii and the iPhone fourteen. A new leak from Twitter tipster
suggests but that.

iPhone 13 Pro has 120hz display

isn’t notwithstanding established in the leaks community but has managed to provide accurate info in the past. The leaker at present claims that Apple volition send high-refresh-rate displays in the baseline models for the starting time time with iPhone fourteen series. He claims that iPhone 14 will come up with support for the
ProMotion. In a series of tweets,
mentions that the bigger iPhone xiv Max would come with a 90Hz brandish while the smaller vanilla iPhone 14 model could characteristic up to a 120Hz brandish. According to the leaker, Apple tree still hasn’t decided on the refresh rate (between 90Hz and 120Hz) for the vanilla iPhone xiv model, but it would definitely be higher than the 60Hz found on the previous generation iPhones.

Is ProMotion support that big of a deal?

iOS 15 message bug iPhone 13

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This change could prove to be a pregnant 1 over the iPhone 13 and iPhone xiii mini. Support for a 120Hz refresh rate means that fifty-fifty the baseline iPhone model volition offer smoother scrolling and overall amend graphics. Support for ProMotion was one of the major differentiating factors between the Pro and non-Pro iPhone models concluding yr. Nevertheless, it looks similar it wouldn’t be the example this year.

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Other manufacturers, such as Google and Samsung, offer loftier refresh rate displays across all the smartphones of their latest flagship lineup. Information technology’due south 1 of the reasons why many people choose Samsung’s and Google’south Android smartphones over Apple iPhones nowadays. Simply now, it seems that Apple is fix to prefer this tactic for the iPhone 14. A 90Hz display would brand customers feel similar they’re getting extra for their coin, especially if the company is sticking with erstwhile internals for the lower-cease models.

Apple too has a addiction of selling previous-generation iPhone models for a lower cost when the newer ane launches. For instance, the company continues to sell iPhone 12 (for $100 less than its launch toll) fifty-fifty though iPhone 13 series is now bachelor. Should Apple go on to sell iPhone thirteen when iPhone 14 launches, the support for the ProMotion brandish could force a lot of customers to choose the newer (and costlier) iPhone xiv models.

Unfortunately, the leak about the ProMotion brandish on the iPhone xiv and 14 Max is not a widespread rumor and has non been confirmed by any of the established leakers yet.
is the only leaker to say anything about it, but if Apple manages to pull this off, the iPhone xiv and xiv Max could prove to exist a much more heady upgrade than they announced.

Will the addition of the ProMotion brandish to the baseline iPhone 14 models urge y’all to upgrade? Allow u.s.a. know in the comments section below!

Iphone 14 Would Be More Exciting With This One Upgrade

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