10 Things To Know Before You Buy Refurbished Electronics

The market for used tech and gadgets is enormous, and with expert reason.
Phones, wearables, gaming consoles and other gently owned tech products are a quick and easy style to make coin, if y’all’re selling, or salve money, if yous’re buying. A peer-to-peer commutation or through a dedicated resale site can potentially relieve or make y’all hundreds of dollar for a device that works well enough. But at that place are some electronics nosotros don’t recommend circulating around the secondary market, for reasons of security, outside hassle or high alphabetize of grossness.

At that place are some itemsyou should just recycle or purchase new instead, or at least seriously consider.

If yous’re thinking of
offloading some of your stuff to brand a little extra cash, or ownership a used electronic device instead of a new one off the shelf, proceed these tips in listen. And nosotros’ll share some of the best places to buy and sell refurbished products.

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Don’t sell or buy these used electronics

Betwixt hygiene and security concerns, at that place are some tech products and devices that are best kept off online stores. Either they won’t fetch a high selling cost, aren’t expert value buys or should exist avoided considering of the
cistron alone. There are, of form, some exceptions — more on those after on.

Pixel Buds
andGalaxy Buds
all live within your ears. Pretty deep in in that location, too. Need I say more? Certain, yous tin can clean and sanitize them, but the idea of sticking someone else’s earbud in my ears just gives me the creeps.

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Over the ear headphones: Sanitizing over-ear headphones isn’t an piece of cake task. The earpads can soak up your sweat, for instance, or develop crusts of expressionless skin and grease shed from your face up. Nigh models don’t have a way to swap out the ear cups. The aforementioned goes for the headband. The idea of wearing headphones that are covered in your own sweat, dandruff and odors is one thing, but wearing something that’due south covered in a complete stranger’s particulars? No, thanks.


Difficult drives are in a grayness surface area.

Dong Ngo/CNET

Portable hard drives: External drives are oftentimes used to back up your computer or as an easy mode to tote around of import documents. Unless youthoroughly and properly erase the drive
when you lot’re fix to sell information technology, y’all risk exposing personal information to whoever buys it.

Baby monitors: Cross this off your list merely for security reasons. CNET parents aren’t alone in being nervous about “baby monitors” and “used” in the same sentence. Hacking incidents have been known to occur to baby monitors in general. Parents may experience more comfortable knowing the device recording their newborn hasn’t been tied to a stranger’s credentials. Vetting that process on either finish may be more trouble than information technology’s worth. Ane possible exception: if the item has never been opened. For example, if someone received 2 as a infant shower or wedding gift.

Some smart domicile devices
: This is another security quagmire. Companies seem to have a hard fourth dimension preventing camera and video doorbell
($400 at Amazon)

feeds from
sporadically showing upwards in the incorrect account
(too this) when the devices are new. Nosotros’d exist wary of usedsmart cameras or random IoT devices.

Smart scales: There’due south something inherently personal near a
that you lot, most likely, stand on before or afterwards getting in the shower, especially one that records your weight in a linked app. For some people, that’s but too much, and I can’t say I blame them.

Personal hygiene products: This should exist obvious, merely just in case, take the fact that your olfactory organ and ear hair trimmers, electric razor and electric toothbrush are best purchased new. Fifty-fifty with a untouched castor caput, that toothbrush handle still had all of your saliva dripping all over it. Difficult pass.


Any sort of continued device, like a baby monitor, is something you should probably only buy new.

5 more items to think hard about before ownership or selling

There are, of class, some caveats when it comes to ownership and selling used electronics and appliances. The short version is: Do your research first.

When refurbished earbuds are OK: Some places, like Best Buy, offering refurbished AirPods or similar. Earlier yous excitedly click that Purchase button, have a second to wait into what the company’s refurbishing program entails. Do they replace the housing? Do they do a deep clean? Reviews on this refurbished AirPod All-time Buy page include comments virtually earwax still being found on the earbuds. Gross. If you’re dauntless enough to go this route to salve some greenbacks, practice yourself a favor and requite them a thorough cleaning yourself.

Solid-country hard drives: Traditional hard drives, the kind with a spinning deejay inside, are hard to gauge merely how much life is left in them. With
solid-state drives, on the other hand, it’s possible to run reports that tell you lot just how much the bulldoze has been used, and in turn,
how much life it has left. If you’re buying from a individual seller, ask them how healthy the drive is. For instance, y’all can utilize Samsung’s Magician programme to check the health of its company’south drives.


Every bit long as y’all know what yous’re getting into with a used activity tracker or Apple tree Watch, you lot’ll be fine.

Angela Lang/CNET

Fettle bands and smartwatches: Wearables fall into a gray area. You tin can often
find a peachy deal on a used Fitbit
or Apple Watch
($349 at eBay)
, but the potential downside hither is you have no idea how much use and abuse it’s been through. More than specifically, how much use the bombardment has seen. I’ve bought and sold Apple Watches and other wearables in the past, and I recollect equally long every bit you go into the purchase knowing that battery life may be an issue, or there could potentially be scratches and other corrective defects, so you’ll exist fine. Buyers, just make sure you get a good deal. Sellers, do your best to set expectations with a potential buyer. Take pictures of scratches and dings, and let them know if there’s an issue with battery life.

Modest kitchen appliances: Some people love the idea of ownership or selling countertop kitchen appliances like
toaster ovens, Vitamix blenders and
waffle makers. Merely for buyers and sellers alike, it’s a practiced thought to consider a few things. For buyers, make sure it’southward really worth the price to buy someone’due south used gear — the newer and less used it is, the more likely that the motor and other mechanical parts will concluding you a long time. But also compare with deals on new equipment.

Sellers, get a handle on those aircraft costs, especially for heavier items, like, oh, a KitchenAid mixer. Make sure the math of shipping a large item works out. If you lot’re selling to a local and tin avert aircraft costs, that’due south something to consider.


You’re always taking a gamble when buying a used apparatus, and sometimes information technology pays off.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Large appliances: Yous never know why the person is truly selling their onetime fridge or dishwasher. Does it leak? Does it run far more than than information technology should, driving upwards your electricity bill? Virtually of us, I’d wager, aren’t savvy enough to audit an apparatus and diagnose whatsoever
potential issues inside a few minutes. I’ve bought used appliances in the past without any issues, but I realize that’s not ever the example. If possible, buy a used apparatus from a specialty store that offers some sort of brusk-term warranty. Sellers, if you find someone who wants to purchase your washing car or fridge, take a game plan for getting it safely out of your house. Transferring the particular is something both parties will need to coordinate.


Have a stack of sometime stuff you want to turn into cash? It’s possible.

Angela Lang/CNET

How to become the best bargain when selling your stuff

If you’re ready to part with some of your old tech and gadgets, don’t limit yourself to just Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. There are plenty of reputable companies and services that will gladly pay you for your gently used stuff. Nonetheless, y’all’ll want to make sure you get the all-time bargain possible, so store around. We have tips for finding the best deal when
selling your phone,
Fitbit,TV, a
Amazon Repeat
and pretty much every otherrandom electronic.

10 Things To Know Before You Buy Refurbished Electronics

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