10 Tips For Mastering Apple Calendar

Some people may run into Siri equally just vocalism commands on Apple devices, especially on your favorite iPhone, but she’s more than than that. Siri is your personal digital assistant, and she can help you manage your crazy schedule. We all have a decorated calendar full of meetings, medical appointments, special events, and other fun activities, all of which tin can be difficult to go on track of every day, specially if you’re juggling kids. Having all of your calendars on your iPhone merely makes sense, right?

While you can manually manage your calendars, you lot likewise have Siri. That’southward right — y’all tin can enquire Siri on your best iPhone to add, update, and fifty-fifty abolish events only past using your vocalization. It makes life easier, and who doesn’t want that, honestly?

Hither’s how to utilize Calendar with Siri on your electric current iPhone, similar the iPhone 13 Pro, and iPad with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

How to create a agenda event with Siri

When you’re out-and-about, information technology can be a hassle to open Calendar, create a new event, and and so fill out all of the details. In fact, it’s much easier to just tell Siri and have her add information technology to your Calendar for you.

  1. Activate Siri by holding downwards your
    Home or Ability push, or just say
    “Hey Siri”.
  2. Tell Siri what you lot want to schedule, including appointment and time, along with a name if applicable.
    • For instance, say “Have coffee with Robert tomorrow at ix am.” Of class, you’ll replace the names and date and time with your ain info.
    • If y’all accept multiple calendars and want your event to go to a item one, make sure to mention information technology to Siri. Otherwise, information technology will just get to your
      default calendar.
  3. Siri will then display a preview of your event and inquire yous to ostend.
  4. If there is something wrong with the consequence info, you tin can tell Siri to
    to edit details.
  5. You tin can also
    the effect if you alter your mind.
  6. If y’all want to add it to your Agenda, just
    say Yes
    tap Ostend
    when Siri confirms.

    Source: iMore

How to update a calendar event with Siri

Sometimes yous’ll need to make adjustments to your scheduled events because of last-minute changes and whatnot. We get information technology, stuff happens, and information technology’s oftentimes a very common thing. Siri tin can help y’all brand changes to your appointments, and it’s super piece of cake!

  1. Actuate Siri by holding down your
    Dwelling house or Power button, or say
    “Hey Siri”.
  2. Tell Siri that y’all desire to move or reschedule an consequence.
    • But say something forth the lines of “Motility my iii pm meeting tomorrow” or “Reschedule my doctor appointment to side by side Tuesday.”
  3. When you take multiple events in 1 day, Siri volition ask you to confirm the event you want to update.
    • If it’south a recurring event, Siri will ask if you want to alter just that event or all future events. Y’all can tap on the options or speak them to her.
  4. Let Siri know what details need to be modified.
    • For example, you lot can say “Move my meeting on Thursday at x am to tomorrow at three pm.”
  5. Once you give Siri a new time and date for an engagement, she will ask you to confirm with a
    Yep, either verbally or by
    tapping the Confirm button.

    Update a calendar event with Siri on iPhone: Activate Siri, tell Siri what event you need to update, provide updated info, confirm

    Source: iMore

How to cancel a calendar event with Siri

If you no longer need to have a meeting on your calendar, only cancel it completely. Siri is happy to help with that as well.

  1. Actuate Siri by holding down the
    Dwelling house or Ability push button, or just say
    “Hey Siri”.
  2. Tell Siri which event you want to cancel.
    • For example, y’all can say “Abolish my dejeuner with Ryan tomorrow at 4 pm.”
    • If you lot had multiple meetings with someone, Siri will inquire yous to ostend the specific one that you want to cancel.
  3. Siri will want you to ostend what y’all just told her, so just say
    tap Confirm.

    How to cancel calendar even with Siri on iPhone: Activate Siri, tell Siri what event to cancel, confirm

    Source: iMore

How to view and check your Calendar with Siri

Sometimes we’re just crazy busy and forget what’s on our calendars. Don’t worry, you can but inquire Siri if there’s anything scheduled on a particular solar day.

  1. Activate Siri by belongings down your
    Domicile or Ability button, or just say
    “Hey Siri”.
  2. Tell Siri something along the lines of, “What’s my schedule for today?” or “What’s on my calendar for Sat?” or “What’south on my agenda for May 20?”
  3. After you specify a date for Siri to cheque, she volition tell you lot if at that place is annihilation scheduled, as well every bit display and read off what they are.

    View and check calendars with Siri on iPhone: Activate Siri, tell Siri you want to check a certain day on your calendar

    Source: iMore

Take Siri help you schedule all the things!

That’s everything that yous can do with Siri when it comes to your agenda. As you can see, it’s easy to use Siri for managing your schedule on-the-go instead of doing it manually. However, Siri isn’t perfect, and so at that place may exist some miscommunications every at present and so. However, it’s even so a skilful tool to make use of when you just can’t get your hands on the phone and don’t want that event to slip away.

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Updated April 2022:
Updated for iOS xv and iPadOS 15.

10 Tips For Mastering Apple Calendar

Source: https://www.imore.com/how-to-use-calendar-with-siri