An Iphone 12 For Dollar499 Would Be A Great Iphone 11 Replacement This Fall

What is Apple iPhone eleven Battery Replacement Cost in Kenya?

iPhone 11 Battery Replacement Cost in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kakamega, Kisii, Nyeri, Meru, Kericho, Thika, Kiambu Machakos and Other Towns in Kenya

The cost to repair / replace your Apple iPhone 11 Bombardment totally depends on which method yous cull to prepare it up. A few methods like:-

    i. Getting it fixed from Apple tree Authorized service Center.

    2. or getting it stock-still by a local repair shop in your area.

    3. or to exercise it yourself.

Apple iPhone eleven Battery replacement should cost something effectually Yard sh 2,000 cost in Kenya.

Apple iPhone 11 Battery Replacement

This Apple iPhone 11 replacement battery is platonic if your phone is no longer holding accuse like information technology used to. Are you lot finding your iPhone battery has a shorter life than it used to? Is your phone barely holding any charge at all? If either of these sounds familiar then you need a replacement battery. Apple tree iPhone 11 is a great telephone with not bad features, but depression battery backup time can be actually abrasive when in need.

When do you lot know that your iPhone 11 battery needs to be replaced?

  • Your iPhone 11 dies at 20 or xxx percent battery capacity.
  • The battery is bloated and pushes the screen out of the frame.
  • Your iPhone 11 keeps dying faster during the 24-hour interval without recharging.
  • The battery fails at a high or low temperature.

Before purchasing a replacement bank check that no other factors are causing the batteries to decline such every bit:

  • Moving to a low betoken area
  • Running background applications
  • Having 3G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled when not required

Increase your Apple tree iPhone 11 uptime & life with this quality replacement battery. Our specialists will take between 15 and 30 minutes to replace your iPhone eleven bombardment.

An In-Depth Look at iPhone xi Battery Replacement

An iPhone xi is your gadget companion for life’southward groovy adventures – from a cross-country road trip to accompanying you to your twenty-four hours job. You may apply information technology to check the weather, browse the headlines, talk with friends and family, boast nigh new high scores, or for directions to get to a new eating house. But what happens if you are counting on it and suddenly the battery dies?

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Yous are certain that you charged your phone the dark before, and yet the battery just didn’t concluding through the day – leaving you lot without your become-to method of advice, play, and data. If this happens on a regular basis, you may need iPhone xi battery replacement. Read on to find out more.

Must-know Facts Virtually iPhone 11 Battery Life

The typical iPhone 11 battery life varies based on the activities information technology is being utilized to accomplish. For instance, it averages around 8 hours of talk time or 3G net connection, or x hours of wi-fi or video playback. Only it can last through forty hours of sound or up to 225 hours on standby.

What does this mean? It ways that when assessing your iPhone battery life, don’t immediately assume that it should last a calendar week on a total charge. Take what you utilize it for and how often you use it into consideration. Information technology may merely terminal a day (or even less), but that doesn’t mean it’due south a bad battery! You tin can take your device into a Telephone View Republic of kenya shop or an Apple store to test your battery’s capacity and verify if it is truly something that needs repair as opposed to a bad charging cablevision, port, or just overuse.

iPhone eleven Battery Replacement with High Capacity? Turn to CPR

Apple volition but a replace a battery that has fallen below 50% capacity. The same is true of many other smartphone repair stores. If you take your device into a Silkroom Africa location, the technicians tin give you acostless assessment of your iPhone xi battery capacity, as well every bit anything else that might exist awry or causing y’all charging and battery life issues. (By the way, Silkroom Technologies provides all kinds of iPhone 11 repairs !)

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If you go your bombardment replaced, ensure that it is a genuine iPhone 11 battery with loftier capacity. In other words, stay abroad from used batteries that sell online for cheap – there’s a reason that they are then inexpensive. Your best choice is to buy a new battery through Apple or a trusted shop like
Tech Cypher
which offers a express lifetime warranty on parts.iPhone 5 battery being replaced

How to Supervene upon iPhone 11 Bombardment ( A DIY Guide )

For some, it may exist a cheap alternative to learn how to supercede an iPhone 11 battery. If you are considering this option, yous must first sympathize how to remove a bombardment from the iPhone 11:

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Remove the two pentalobe screws near the Lightning connector.
  3. Press a suction cup to the screen just above the home push. (Use record kickoff to cover and seal the screen in the instance that it is croaky.)
  4. Press down gently on the edges of the phone and lift up with the suction loving cup. The front and back panels will separate slightly.
  5. Insert plastic opening device between the panels and gently pry around the edges. Detaching the clips on the right and left sides that concord the example together.
  6. Lift the front panel up about ninety degrees. From the rear panel with the tops still shut together (equally there volition withal be ribbon cables attached at the top).
  7. Locate the silver forepart console assembly cable subclass to the top right-mitt side of the battery. Unscrew the 3 screws attaching it to the logic board (and pay attention to where each private screw goes).
  8. Elevator and remove the forepart panel associates cable bracket. Locate the 3 cables subconscious below, and disconnect these with the plastic opening tool.
  9. Completely separate the front and rear panels of the phone.
  10. Locate metallic battery connector bracket to the lower correct side of the battery. (It looks like a skinny backward “J.”) Remove the two lower screws on the metal battery connector bracket.
  11. Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry the battery connector bracket up from the socket on the logic board. Take care not to pry upward the socket, or you could harm the connector.
  12. Pull slowly and smoothly on the clear plastic pull tab until your battery detaches and comes free. If it does not come gratis, you can use the plastic opening tool. Just be warned that doing so in the wrong place may permanently impairment the logic board.
  13. Supplant battery and all parts in opposite. Power on your device and voila!
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iPhone 5 battery after replacement(Remember carefully before you lot make up one’s mind on this course of activeness. Opening up your device will nullify warranties that may still exist on your device. In addition, internal repairs are always best handled by experts similar those at Phone View Kenya so that no farther damage comes to your device.)

Historic period, use, settings, and defects are all aspects to accept into consideration when assessing if you might need whatsoever phone battery replacement. You lot may choose to alive with a battery at a lower capacity, talk with an Apple shop Genius, or even endeavour to figure out how to replace an iPhone xi battery yourself with our DIY guide.

If y’all demand help making this determination, Silkroom Kenya is here to help! With stores beyond the country and in Nairobi Kenya, you tin walk in and go a free consultation to discover if your iPhone eleven battery is at high capacity or if it needs repair. They will also provide you with an estimate that you lot can compare with Apple’s iPhone eleven bombardment replacement service and cost. Forget the hassle of doing the repair yourself and potentially further damaging your device. With Tech Zilch, y’all will become personal service and have your phone back in your hands and running smoothly over again within a day or two. Find a store

What is Apple iPhone 11 Battery Replacement Cost in Kenya?
26 May, 2021

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An Iphone 12 For Dollar499 Would Be A Great Iphone 11 Replacement This Fall