Galaxy Z Flip 4 Rumor Sounds Like Samsung Will Take On Foldable Phones Biggest Flaw

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung may have already appear its flagship Milky way South range, along with additions to its Galaxy A mid-range smartphones this yr, but nosotros are however waiting on updates to its foldable Milky way Z range.

Rumours have been circulating surrounding both the Milky way Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Z Flip four. We’ve covered the volume-style Z Fold 4 in a separate feature, just here we are focusing on the horizontal folding flip phone – the Galaxy Z Flip 4. This is everything nosotros have heard so far.


Release date and cost

  • August/September 2022
  • Cheaper than Z Flip 3?

At the moment, in that location are no physical rumours suggesting an exact date for the launch of the Samsung Milky way Z Flip iv, though it is expected to be appear alongside the Milky way Z Fold iv in either August 2022 or September 2022.

The Galaxy Z Flip iii and Z Fold 3 were both announced in August 2021 before going on sale at the cease of August 2021. With August previously being reserved for the Milky way Note serial, it makes sense for the Galaxy Z Fold series to take that slot seeing as there won’t be a Note this yr.

In terms of price, we’d expect the Galaxy Z Flip 4 to come in around the same as its predecessor, which started at $999 in the United states and £949 in the United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland. In that location has been a rumour to suggest the device volition meet a price cut which we are of form here for, but for now, nothing is confirmed.


  • Improved IP rating?
  • Larger outer brandish
  • 4 colours

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s design hasn’t changed a keen deal since it first launched – except the cover display – and it looks similar nosotros’re going to be saying the same next year too. It’s said in that location volition exist a couple of minor tweaks to the overall measurements and perchance a slightly larger outer display, but otherwise the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will expect similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

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One rumour did claim the hinge was beingness redesigned though, and that the Galax Z Flip 4 would be lighter equally a issue. At that place has also been the proffer of better water and dust resistance.

Renders have suggested the Milky way Z Flip 3 will go along to offer a premium blueprint with a horizontal fold and squared off edges. At that place’south expected to be a panel at the top of the rear housing the dual rear camera and a display, while the inside display is expected to have a camera in the middle at the tiptop – it’s not yet clear if this will be a punch hole camera or under display camera.

Co-ordinate to rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 volition come up in four colours, including low-cal bluish, light violet, gold and gray. It’south not yet known if there will be a Bespoke Edition for the Flip 4 that would allow you to mix and max colour options for a more unique look.


  • two-inch+ outer display
  • vi.vii-inch main display
  • UPC camera?

There’s been some talk of a larger comprehend brandish coming to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, with rumours suggesting it could be at least 2-inches. The Milky way Z Flip 3 has a ane.9-inch cover brandish and a half-dozen.7-inch main display when unfolded.

In terms of resolution and other specifications, rumours haven’t detailed that data equally yet. The Galaxy Z Flip iii’s principal display offered a Full Hard disk+ resolution, which we would await from the Z Flip 4 too.

There have as well been some rumours suggesting Samsung is working on an under-display photographic camera for the Z Flip 4, though goose egg is confirmed as yet. The Galaxy Z Fold three has a UPC, though it’south not amazing then we’d hope to see some improvements before it makes its manner onto the Z Flip 4.

Hardware and specs

  • Snapdragon eight Gen i Plus?
  • At to the lowest degree 8GB RAM
  • 3700mAh bombardment?
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Information technology is expected that the Samsung Milky way Z Flip 4 will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, like most flagship smartphones that have already launched in 2022, though information technology’s possible it could as well opt for the rumoured Snapdragon 8 Gen i Plus chipset. A listing on Geekbench has shown the Z Flip 4 with the 8 Gen 1+ chipset and 8GB of RAM.

The Milky way Z Flip three had 8GB of RAM and a selection of 128GB and 256GB of storage so it’southward likely the Z Flip 4 will offer at least this. There’s a 3300mAh battery chapters too, though it’southward been claimed the Galaxy Z Flip 4 might increase this to 3700mAh, which would exist a dainty crash-land.

Based on other reports, it looks similar the Galaxy Z Flip iv will stick with a physical fingerprint sensor within the power button rather than opt for an nether-display solution this time around.


  • Dual rear camera
  • Front end camera – punch hole or UPC

So far, at that place aren’t any rumours surrounding what cameras we can expect to run into on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

The Samsung Milky way Z Flip 3 5G comes with a dual camera on the outside with two 12-megapixel sensors – 1 of which is a wide angle lens with f/1.8 aperture and the other is an ultra wide-angle lens with an f/2.2 aperture.

There’southward also a ten-megapixel selfie camera with f/ii.4 aperture.

We’d wait the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four to offer at least the aforementioned as its predecessor, merely there will more than probable be some improvements too, whether that’s hardware, software or both.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 rumours: What’s happened and then far?

Here is everything we have heard so far nigh the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip iv.

19 May 2022: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 listed with Snapdragon viii Gen 1+ chipset

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four appeared on Geekbench with the unannounced Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ chipset.

xi May 2022: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip iv renders reveal design of upcoming foldable phone

91Mobiles published some renders of the Samsung Galaxuy Z Flip iv in association with OnLeaks.

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ix May 2022: Battery increment said to exist 100 per cent coming to Z Flip 4

UniverseIce claimed the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip iv will 100 per cent be getting a battery increment to 3700mAh.

6 May 2022: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 to use Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset

UniverseIce tweeted claiming the Samsung Milky way Z Flip 4 will opt for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset, alongside the Z Fold 4.

4 May 2022: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four could arrive in 4 colours

Ross Young tweeted claiming the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will come in four colour options of Gold, Greyness, Light Blue and Light Violet.

2 May 2022: Larger outer brandish coming to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Ross Immature tweeted claiming the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip four will offer a larger outer display. No specifics were detailed other than it would be at least 2-inches

30 April 2022: Battery increment reported for Samsung Milky way Z Flip four

GalaxyClub reported that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip iv could see a battery increase of 100mAh.

xx Apr 2022: Samsung Milky way Z Flip 4 could be cheaper

Ross Young tweeted that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 production levels are more double the Galaxy Z Flip three and that the cost could be reduced.

8 April 2022: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold four and Z Flip 4 won’t have under-display fingerprint sensors

A report claimed Samsung won’t opt for under display fingerprint sensors in Z Flip 4 or Z Fold 4.

17 November 2021: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 details emerge

A post on Korean site Naver detailed a number of improvements expected to come up to the Z Flip 4, including a lighter build, better h2o and grit resistance, under-display cameras, improved hinge and aforementioned release date as previous model.

Writing by Britta O’Boyle.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Rumor Sounds Like Samsung Will Take On Foldable Phones Biggest Flaw