12 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Apple Airpods

8 amazing Apple tree AirPods tips and tricks you need to know about

Customise, accessorise and revolutionise your little wireless friends…

Showtime launched in 2016 to some derision for their uncanny resemblence to electric toothbrush heads, Apple’southward AirPods are now into their third generation and are…well, everywhere. Looking to make the most of your Apple headphones? Then nosotros’ve got some great AirPods tips and tricks you should know about.

The AirPods take a lot going for them – a argument we expand on in our AirPods 3 review and AirPods Pro review – only one thing they don’t offer is buttons. This ways a fiddling know-how goes a long manner when information technology comes to mastering the AirPods and doing stuff similar customising their controls, connecting them to an Android phone, and more.

At that place’southward and then much more to the AirPods than merely the satisfying click of their case snapping close, so read on every bit we reveal 9 amazing AirPods tips and tricks to help you get more from the shiny Apple earbuds.

ane) How to rename your AirPods

Your AirPods aren’t really yours until yous’ve given them a catchy moniker. On the iPhone or iPad they’re paired to, only go to
Settings > Bluetooth
tap the ‘i’ info icon
next to your AirPods, and finally
tap the existing proper noun.

You can now rename your AirPods any the heck you like! Only remember it may be visible to other people in your physical proximity, so maybe that ‘XxXSatanSpawn420XxX’ handle is best kept to the comparatively bearding realm of Steam.

2) Discover the best fit for your AirPods Pro

The regular AirPods are a one-size-fits-all matter, only the more premium AirPods Pro come bundled with three sets of tips sized in small-scale, medium, and large. You tin can see which is which by unrolling the edge of the tip and looking for an S, M, or L marking on the within.

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Apple suggets starting with the medium pick and so going up or downward in size depending on how secure the fit feels, which makes perfect sense. Merely you tin can go one amend by using its Ear Tip Fit Test, available for iOS 13.ii and above.

To go started, go to

Settings > Bluetooth

on your device then
tap the ‘i’ info push
to the right of your AirPods Pro nether ‘My Devices’. Now,
tap ‘Ear Tip Fit Exam’, followed past
‘Keep’. Make certain you’ve got your AirPods Pro in, then
press ‘Play’.

Apple tree’s software will practice the rest and tell you if the ear tips are a good seal or not. If it could be better, information technology will tell you to tweak the tips or try a different size – it may be that yous demand i for one ear, and a different size for the other.

Keep testing until you become the Good Seal nod for both ears, then enjoy your AirPods Pro as Apple intended, with fully optimised noise cancellation, richer bass and more.

three) Find out who’south calling

Receiving calls on your AirPods is all very like shooting fish in a barrel – just double-tap in a higher place the stem to reply, and do the same to hang up. Notwithstanding, it’d exist nice to know that information technology’s crazy Colin from university calling earlier you tap your mode into a hr-long ‘catch up’, wouldn’t it?

Go to
Settings > Phone > Denote Calls, and
cull ‘Headphones Only’. Siri will now announce who’southward calling in your ear, earlier giving you a ‘terminate friendship?’ option. Okay, we may have got that last bit from
Blackness Mirror.

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4) How to see AirPods bombardment life

1) Get a battery bulletin

Without a battery indicator on the AirPods’ case, it can be easy to bleed them down to commute-ruining levels. Luckily, there a few ways to get a quick health cheque.

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Open up your AirPods’ case and you’ll go a pop-up bombardment update on your iPhone. If you accept Siri enabled, you can double-tap an AirPod and say ‘battery percent’ for an update. And if you’ve installed the battery widget on your iPhone’s Today View (swipe left oh the homescreen, then down to edit), yous can run across its juice levels with i movie of your finger.

Apple Lookout owners can exercise an easy mid-podcast check too: just open Control Middle by flicking up from the bottom of the screen, then tap the battery icon to see how shut your AirPods are to death.

5) Find their hiding place

Have you checked in the keys tray or down the side of the sofa? Oh dear, maybe you did exit your AirPods at the gym later all.

Luckily, at that place is a fashion to check. If you’ve ready up Detect My iPhone (in Settings > iCloud), yous tin go into the Find iPhone app and come across your AirPods’ current or final known location on a map.

If it turns out they are actually hiding in your firm, tap ‘Deportment’ to hear an SOS beeping sound. For poor souls who have lost just one of their AirPods, there’s even an choice brand this audio come from simply one of the earphones. ‘I’m in the washing machine, you idiot!’

vi) Tweak your taps – and use Transparency mode

Apple’s old school EarPods may accept abrasive wires, just on those wires are handy buttons for controlling your music. Non so smug at present, are we AirPods?

Actually, Apple’due south wireless buds practise similar controls subconscious in their ‘double tap’ settings. Go to
Settings > Bluetooth, then tap the ‘i’ next to your Airpods.

You’ll at present encounter a ‘double-tap on AirPod’ menu, where you lot can give your left or correct AirPod ‘play/pause’, ‘next track’ or ‘previous runway’ controls.

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Arguably the coolest feature of the AirPods Pro is already built-in, though – Transparency Mode. Just catch and concur on the stem of the AirPods Pro to toggle Active Noise Cancellation on and off, allowing you to occasionally engage with the outside earth and hopefully not miss your boarding annunciation because yous’re jamming out at the aerodrome Wetherspoons.

7) Innovate them to the Apple family

The Airpods are naturally keener to chat to fellow Apple devices over other gadgets. This means at that place are some petty shortcust for connecting them to your Sentry, Apple Television set or Mac.

Connecting them to an Apple Sentry is just a case of swiping upward from the bottom of the screen, so tapping on the Airplay icon to bring up the Airpods option. On Apple Goggle box, just press the play/pause button on the Siri remote while the case is open to bring upward the Airpods as an audio source.

And to hook them up to your Mac, click the volume icon in the Menu bar and choosing Airpods in ‘Output Device’.

viii) How to apply AirPods with your Android phone

6) Swap Siri for Google Assistant

Looking to utilize your AirPods with an Android phone? Make sure the Airpods are in their case, open up the lid, and then concur downwards the button on the back of the example until the white calorie-free starts flashing. Now they’re in pairing style, you should now see the Airpods in the Bluetooth bill of fare.

Thanks to the free AirpodsforGA app, you can also summon Google Banana rather than Siri with a double tap.

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12 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Apple Airpods

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