Netflix Is In Trouble But Im Not Canceling Heres Why

Today is National Streaming Day, and for some, Netflix isn’t on the list of services they’ll be using to watch their favorite shows. The streaming video giant final monthreported the loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. The visitor had previously projected an increase
of 2.5 one thousand thousand subscribers for that menses.

Why are then many people leaving Netflix? The refuse of
COVID-xix pandemic
restrictions is ane big reason — folks formerly limited to
streaming video at domicile
now have more than entertainment options available such every bit eating out, attending concerts orwatching movies in theaters.Aggrandizement
isn’t helping Netflix either. The loftier cost of food and
has families cutting spending, and
Netflix’s price increase
at the start of 2022 may have brought attention to it equally a potential budget cut.

In its Q1 2022 shareholder letter of the alphabet, the visitor mentioned the
war in Ukraine
every bit a major factor in subscriber loss. Netflix contends that
suspension of its service in Russia
resulted in a 700,000 cyberspace loss of global subscribers.

As competitors likeDisney Plus,HBO Max,
Amazon Prime
grow, more users might be considering canceling Netflix. If yous’re fix to leave
Stranger Things,
Russian Doll
Better Call Saul behind, read on to learn how to easily cancel your Netflix account.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription on your phone or tablet

It’due south easy to cancel your subscription on a computer (see the adjacent department). Netflix makes it difficult to abolish your subscription on your phone and tablet, just there is a way to practise information technology, although you won’t be using any of the official Netflix apps on the App Store or Play Shop. Instead, you’ll need to use the web browser of your pick to cancel your Netflix account:

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ane. Go to on your spider web browser and sign in to your account. If you are redirected to the app, admission the Netflix website in a individual browser, which prevents redirecting from occurring.

2. Tap the
3-dash carte
in the top left to open the side menu.

3. Now hit

4. Scroll down and tap
Abolish Membership, which you’ll find under Membership & Billing. The next folio will notify you lot that your cancellation will be effective at the end of your current billing menses.

5. To cancel your Netflix subscription, tap the blue
End Cancellation

To cancel your Netflix account on mobile, you demand to become to the website in your web browser.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

How to cancel your Netflix subscription on your computer

Canceling your Netflix subscription is much more straightforward on your computer. To showtime, only open your preferred web browser and and then follow these steps:

1. Become to, sign in to your account andcull a user. Don’t use a Kids account or else you lot won’t exist able to access your business relationship settings.

ii. Adjacent, hover your mouse over the user icon in the superlative-right and click

iii. Striking the
Cancel Membership

4. Finally, click the blue
End Counterfoil

Netflix account closing page with counteroffer

Ignore the offers on the right side if you’re intent on canceling your Netflix account.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

New Netflix subscription prices

The toll increases for the iii tiers of Netflix’s streaming service that the company
announced in Jan
are at present in consequence for new subscribers and rolling out for existing Netflix customers. You lot may accept received an email about the cost hikes, simply if you haven’t, here’south the latest toll breakup:

Netflix cost plans

Plan Old monthly price New monthly toll Price increase
Basic $9 $10 $1
Standard $xiv $15.49 $ane.49
Premium $18 $20 $2

Cutting down on your streaming costs

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Netflix Is In Trouble But Im Not Canceling Heres Why