13 Playstation 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Console

Modern consoles are more like PCs than ever before, but they still aim to offer the most streamlined gaming experience possible. Sony’southward PlayStation 5 serves that goal with a number of lesser-known features that improve your gaming without a lot of hassle—on summit of the improved graphical horsepower. Here are the settings and shortcuts you should know about (and alter) on twenty-four hours one, if you tin manage to become one.

Migrate Games and Saves From Your PS4

ps4 data transfer

The PS4 may take a few features the PS5 doesn’t, only chances are you want to play all your games—old and new—on the more powerful panel. After all, some of those erstwhile PS4 games volition run smoother than ever thanks to the PS5’due south built-in Game Boost, and you lot’ll become to make use of the more comfortable DualSense controller.

You tin can transfer those games—and your game saves—to the PS5 over your network in just a few steps. Merely head to
Settings > System > System Software
and select
Data Transfer
to get started. It’ll take a flake of waiting, but hey, information technology’due south faster than downloading them from scratch.

Set Difficulty, Functioning, Camera Preferences

save data and game settings

In that location are certain settings you probably tweak every time you get a new game. For example, I always put mine in performance fashion (if it exists) and plow subtitles off. The PS5 allows you to set a number of defaults system-wide, then your games will switch to your favorite settings as soon as yous launch them. Fix your preferred difficulty, performance manner, photographic camera controls, subtitles, and audio from
Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Game Presets

Avoid Spoilers in Games You lot’re Playing

spoiler settings

Here’s an insanely clever feature for those who like some mystery in their games. With the PS5, yous tin can avert spoilers when other players share screenshots and gameplay clips, based on what y’all’ve played so far. Open up
Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Spoiler Warnings
and tweak your settings accordingly. You can hide specific spoilers identified past game developers, or hide screenshots and clips from whatsoever part of a game you lot haven’t played yet.

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Calibrate Your HDR Levels

HDR calibration

If you have a relatively recent Television receiver that’s capable of HDR, you’ll want to brand sure your PS5 is using it to the fullest extent. Not every Boob tube has the same HDR capabilities, and so by telling your PS5 how bright your fix can get, it’ll ensure you see every detail, while notwithstanding getting that HDR “pop.”

You might have done this scale during setup, but if you’re using a different Tv since so, or if you’ve changed any TV settings, go to
Settings > Screen and Video > Adjust HDR
on your PS5 and run through the calibration again. You can read more than near getting the best HDR experience on PS5 in our guide.

Save Battery on Your Controller

controller system settings

Past default, the DualSense controller stays on when it’southward idle, so yous can pick it up and continue playing correct abroad. But personally, I’d rather relieve battery life when I’m not using information technology—it’s not a large deal to printing the PS button when I come back. Under
Settings > Organization > Ability Saving, you can set the time until your controller turns off. I’ve put it at the lowest setting of 10 minutes to conserve every bit much battery every bit possible.

Tweak DualSense Vibration, Book, Brightness

dualsense settings

Speaking of the DualSense, Sony’s latest controller is its most advanced yet. Simply if you feel like those fancy haptics are a bit too strong and loud, or you don’t like the built-in speaker, you can adjust them to your liking. Navigate to
Settings > Accessories > Controller
where you can lower the controller’due south speaker volume, lower the intensity of vibration and resistive triggers, and adapt the brightness of the built-in lite bar.

Become 3D Sound on Any Pair of Headphones

3D audio settings

Many gaming headsets come with a “virtual surround” feature that tries to make your game audio more spacious and immersive. Some of these implementations are better than others, but Sony has some of the best virtual surround processing in the business concern—and so it’s pretty cool that it allows its new 3D sound algorithm on
set up of headphones.

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To enable it, hook upwards your headphones, either by plugging in their USB dongle or plugging the 3.5mm cable into the bottom of your controller, and go to
Settings > Audio > Audio Output. If your PS5 is correctly outputting sound to your headphones, you should see the option “Enable 3D Audio” near the bottom of the card. Exist sure to select “Adjust 3D Audio Profile” to tune it to your ears earlier playing a game.

Cut Down on Notifications

notifications settings

I don’t know near you, but I don’t like seeing pop-up notifications every fourth dimension I go an achievement or a new update has been downloaded. Under
Settings > Notifications, you can either plough these off or hibernate specific types of pop-ups while you’re playing a game and watching movies.

Hold the PS Button to Get Home

ps5 home screen

If y’all’re coming from a PS4, you lot’re probably used to the PS button bringing y’all back to the main carte. On the PS5, pressing that push opens up a quick card forth the bottom, with a home icon that will take you to the home screen. If y’all rather go straight to the principal screen, just hold down the PS button—information technology’ll save you an extra tap.

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View a Game’s Playtime

game time

If you’re curious almost how many hours y’all’ve spent on a specific game (don’t ask me about my Skyrim habit), you can see your playtime stats under your PlayStation profile. Select your profile moving-picture show from the main menu, then choose Contour and highlight the Games tab. You’ll see full stats for every game you lot own, including those you lot played on PS4.

dualsense controller

If you just pulled off a really absurd motility, press the Share push button on the DualSense controller (the pocket-size i to a higher place the D-pad). It will bring up a carte du jour that allows you to grab a screenshot, first recording a new clip, or export a video clip from your contempo gameplay (fifty-fifty if you forgot to striking record get-go). You tin can then edit and share these photos from the PS5’s media gallery.

Buy and Download Games from Your Phone

remote install

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You lot’re hanging with a friend and they say you absolutely
to play Rocket League, even if y’all aren’t into cars or soccer. If you lot take the PlayStation app on your phone (Android(Opens in a new window), iOS(Opens in a new window)), now all you have to do is find it in the PlayStation Store, buy it (if necessary), and tap the “Download to Console” button. This is peculiarly useful if you’ve pre-ordered a game and want to download it the 24-hour interval before information technology launches, then it’s ready to play.

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You lot may demand to turn on “Stay Continued to the Cyberspace” under
Settings > Arrangement > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Fashion
and “Car-Download” under
Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Automatic Updates
if they aren’t already.

Stream Games to Your PC, Phone, or PS4

Remote Play

If you’re itching to get your God of State of war ready correct now only aren’t near your PS5, you can use the PS Remote Play(Opens in a new window)
app to stream your PS5 games to a PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or PS4—either in the same house or over the internet. You lot’ll need a fast connectedness, but to set it up, bank check out our PS5 streaming guide.

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13 Playstation 5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Console

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