16 Microsoft Word Tips You Need To Learn Now

  1. 1

    Open the Microsoft Word application.
    Do this by double-clicking the Microsoft Word icon.

  2. 2

    Review the available templates.
    On the right side of the screen, y’all’ll come across several templates of interest:

    • Bare document
      – A blank document with default formatting.
    • Creative Resume/Comprehend Letter
      – A clean, pre-formatted resume (and accompanying cover letter) document.
    • Pupil Report with Embrace Photograph
      – A certificate format geared toward an academic demographic.
    • Fax Cover Sheet
      – A document to preface fax reports.
    • You can also search for specific templates online from inside Word by using the search bar at the tiptop of this screen.


  3. iii

    Choose a template.
    Doing then will open the template in Word with whatever pre-adamant formatting applies to it. Now that your document is open, you lot’re ready to review your Toolbar options.

    • When in doubt, open up a blank certificate.
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  1. 1

    Click the



    It’south in the pinnacle left side of the screen (or in the carte du jour bar for Mac users). From here, you have several useful options on the far left side of your screen:

    • Info (PC only)
      – Click this to review the documents statistics, such as when it was terminal modified, every bit well every bit any potential bug with the certificate.
    • New
      – Click this to bring upwards the “New Certificate” page that lists all of the pre-formatted templates. Opening a new certificate will prompt yous to save your old one.
    • Open up
      – Click this to review a list of recently-opened documents. Yous tin besides select a directory (e.thou., “This PC”) in which to search.
    • Salvage
      – Click this to save your certificate. If this is your first time saving this particular document, you’ll exist prompted to enter a name, save location, and preferred file format too.
    • Salvage Every bit
      – Click this to save your certificate “equally” something (e.yard., a different name or file format).
    • Print
      – Click this to bring upward your printer settings.
    • Share
      – Click this to view sharing options for this document, including email and cloud options.
    • Export
      – Click this to quickly create a PDF or change the file type.
  2. 2


    in the peak left corner of your screen.

    If y’all’re using a Mac, you won’t have this option–merely click your document to get out the “File” menu.

  3. 3

    Review the


    tab to see your formatting options.

    At the height of your screen–from left to right–are five sub-sections of this tab:

    • Clipboard
      – Whenever you copy text, it is saved on your clipboard. You can view copied text by clicking the


      option here.
    • Font
      – From this section, you tin can alter your font way, size, color, formatting (e.one thousand., bold or italic), and highlighting.
    • Paragraph
      – You can change aspects of your paragraph formatting–such as line spacing, indentation, and bullet formatting–from this section.
    • Styles
      – This section covers different types of text for various situations (east.grand., headings, titles, and subtitles). Y’all’ll also see the popular “No Spacing” option hither, which removes excess spaces between lines of text.
    • Editing
      – A couple of commonly-used tools–such as “Find and Supervene upon”, which allows you lot to quickly replace all appearances of ane word with another–live hither.
  4. iv

    Click the


    tab to review the types of media you can place in your document.

    Insert is to the correct of the Dwelling house tab. The Insert tab allows you to add things similar graphics and folio numbers to your document. From left to right, a couple of notable options include the following:

    • Table
      – Clicking this pick will permit y’all to create an Excel-way table right in your document.
    • Pictures
      – Use this feature to insert a picture into your document.
    • Header, Footer, and Page Number
      – These options are all essential for writing in MLA- or APA-mode formatting. The Header places a space at the top of the certificate for comment, while the Footer goes at the bottom–folio numbers are customizable.
    • Equation/Symbol
      – These options use special formatting to accurately display unproblematic equations. You tin can select these equations or symbols from the pertinent drop-down card.
  5. five

    Click the


    tab to create your own template.

    It’s to the right of the Insert tab.

    • The Pattern tab contains pre-designed themes and formats listed across the height of the page.
  6. vi

    Click the


    tab to customize your folio’s formatting.

    This tab contains options for changing the post-obit aspects of your document:

    • Margins
    • Page orientation (vertical or horizontal)
    • Folio size
    • Number of columns (defaults to one)
    • Location of page breaks
    • Indentation
  7. vii

    Click the


    to manage your citations.

    If you have a bibliography page, you tin can as well manage it from hither.

    • For quick bibliography formatting, click the


      drop-downwards menu and select a template.
    • In the “Citations & Bibliography” group of options, you can change your bibliography formatting from APA to MLA (or other citation styles).
    • The “Captions” group has an option to insert a table of figures. This is useful for scientific review papers or like documents in which statistical information is prioritized over quotations.
  8. eight

    Click the


    tab to review your certificate sharing options.

    You lot tin can review your electronic mail settings and share your documents from inside this section.

    • Y’all can likewise print an envelope or label template by clicking the pertinent option in the tiptop left corner of your screen.
    • The

      Select Recipients

      drop-down menu allows you to cull Outlook contacts as well as an existing contact list within Discussion.
  9. ix

    Click the



    The Review section is geared towards editing, so it includes options for marking upwardly documents and proofreading. A couple of important options include:

    • Spelling & Grammar – Click this option (far left corner) to underline any spelling or grammatical errors.
    • The “Changes” section – This is to the far correct of the toolbar. From here, you can enable the “Runway Changes” feature which automatically formats any additions or deletions you make in a document to appear in red impress.
  10. 10

    Decide on the set of options that best apply to your work.
    If you’re a student, for example, yous’ll likely apply the Insert and References tab oftentimes. At present that you lot’re familiar with the toolbar options, you can format your first Word document.

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  1. 1

    Open a new Bare Document in Discussion.
    If you have an existing document, y’all can open that instead.

  2. 2

    Enter text.
    Do this past clicking on the bare section of the certificate and typing abroad.

    • If you opened an existing document, exist sure to salve your work before re-formatting.
  3. 3

    Highlight a section of text.
    To do this, click and drag your cursor across your writing, then let become when yous’ve highlighted the department yous wish to edit.

  4. 4

    Consider what you desire to do to the writing.
    Some potential options include:

    • Quickly format your writing. Do this by correct-clicking (or 2-finger clicking) your highlighted text and then selecting an option from the right-click carte du jour.
    • Change the font of your pick. Yous can do this by clicking the drop-downwardly bar at the top of the “Font” section (Dwelling tab) then selecting a new font.
    • Bold, italicize, or underline your highlighted section. To practice this, click the


      , or


      in the “Font” section of the Home tab.
    • Alter your document’southward spacing. This is easiest to accomplish by right-clicking your selected text, clicking

      , and modifying the “Line Spacing” value in the bottom right corner of this window.
  5. 5

    Proceed working with Word.
    Your preferred options for your documents will differ based on the intention behind creating them, so the more you work within your own detail format, the more skillful you’ll become.

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    How practice I re-create and paste?

    To copy a certain piece of text, highlight it and press Ctrl + C. Then click the spot you desire to place the copied text and press Ctrl + Five to paste.

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    How practice I identify a logo in MS Word?

    Community Answer

    Printing the Insert tab and so press the Pictures push. You will and then be immune to select the image.

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    How tin I save a document to a specific location?

    Community Answer

    Click File –> Save As… and you’ll exist allowed to select the destination location (and filename and format) of the file.

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  • A red line under a word means the give-and-take is misspelled, a light-green underline suggests a grammatical error, and a blue underline pertains to formatting.

  • If you right-click (or ii-finger click) an underlined word, y’all’ll see a replacement proposition at the top of the right-click menu.

  • You tin can quick-save your document past property down




    on Mac) and tapping



  • Don’t forget to relieve your work before closing Word.


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